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that the massachusetts connector, who is run by the same guy who was running connecticut's exchange in the first month only so 0.3% of total enrollment sign-up. so, i have confident that the rocket will fly off the shelves once people can get into the website -- this product will fly off of the sale -- shelves once people can get into the website because what we have seen in connecticut and also i am optimistic that once his site is up it will be up in time for the largest number of people to inoll, because what you said response to senator bennet's questions, the reality is that the vast majority of people are going to be looking for coverage as the enrollment date draws near. so, i guess that is the frame of my question to you. from the experience of people who have been able to access these exchanges -- either at the national level or state level -- what do we know about the quality of the product and, two, what do we know about the timing of when people actually sign up for plans like this? we have the massachusetts experience, the experience of medicare part d. to the extent your timeline plays o
always assumed that, based on massachusetts' experience, the initial sign up will be very slow. and in fact, no payments have to be made until december 15 for coverage on january 1. so, while we don't like the problems we had in october and fixing it in november, we do not think it will impact the timeline because we have a six- month enrollment, so we still have four months left and individuals can apply up until march. >> thank you. thank you, mr. chairman. >> now to senator robert. -- senator roberts. senator robert? >> thank you, mr. chairman. 'm going to focus, if i can, on the concerns raised by senator isakson, alexander, and the chairman, on security and privacy. we have a law, the federal information security management .ct, his mother --fisma everything has to have an acronym. it requires each agency to a point a chief security officer to ensure americans private financial and identifying information is protected. and that is a big issue. secretary civilians revealed last week exchanges operating on temporary authority to operate. there is a 2012 12 memo from zyonts,
. the massachusetts general attorney did a large study a number of years ago and a lot of information was disclosed to the massachusetts ag that claims claim secret protection. they found it was against public policy to in light of trade secrets considerations and protections that have been claimed for that information. they held it was in the public interest to disclose the information they found anyway. so i think that you're exactly right. when we think about consumers in the market and the impact that this is having on them, the public policy is going to sway in the other direction. as we start to see more aco's develops and more bundle care and providers have a larger burden of determining -- we only have a certain amount of a patient and we have to make referrals to different providers. it's going to be important to how much it costs so they can keep their own cost down when they're thinking about making referrals. it's not going to be just patient that needs this information, but it's vital for the provider to make that decision going forward. there's a number of different ways of add
that the senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts is on the floor. i would inquire through the chair how long she is seeking to speak. we are about to proceed to the consideration of the amendment that has been filed by senator portman and cosponsored by senator ayotte, senator heller and senator mccain. and this is a rather complicated parliamentary situation. and then there's going to be a debate. if the senator from massachusetts is going to speak very briefly, i would withhold. if she's going to speak at length, then since we have members on their way, i would proceed. if we could inquire through the chair. mrs. warren: i would tell the senior senator from maine, my plan had been to speak for less than 10 minutes, but if that's not -- if that doesn't work, i certainly will yield to the senator from maine and do what she requests -- or whatever she needs here. ms. collins: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from maine. ms. collins: i would ask unanimous consent that the senator from massachusetts be permitted to speak for no longer than 10 minutes, and if it were a little
unaffordable. the state of massachusetts is good to look at. the agency who buys for state employees are less expensive because they use an alternative network which means the lower networks in the market. as network design changes occur, i think we can see things really change a lot as more competition gets introduced that way. >> last question and i should have asked this of professor midic, we think about a state exchange here in california, what do you think the impact is going to be in terms of our topic about costs and i think as we went through the cpmc discussions, the only thing we agree on is everyone doesn't know what's going to happen. what do you think about it? >> in california you have a proactive value purchaser of health care. it can have a significant impact on in this market in terms of what it's going to demand of the participating health plan and the prices they have and the information they provide to their enrolled patients around helping and supporting them to make more economical decisions. the only way they're going to be successful is if they do that. there's goi
to enact it will be popular as it is in massachusetts. >> you may be right but it's speculative. even if you -- even if you are right, doesn't it seem logical as i said in the talking points memo to just give it another year and iron it all out, explain it, i don't see a downside in that. i really don't. i would allow people who want to sign up to continue to sign up, all right? those who do the no give them a year fix what's broken it doesn't make me unhappy unlike other commentators it does not make me happy to see the president of the united states, no heart who he or she might be to be accused of being a liar. a rank liar that doesn't make me happy. i think we should get away from that. give it a year, it's our fault, we screwed it up. we will unscrew it and then we will go next september or whatever. doesn't that make sense to you, doc? >> two responses. one is the reason we can't delay it bill it comes to the most poor par part of the law. discriminate against insurer discriminate by charging sick more than healthy. you can't do that without the man date. you can't have the mand
as it is in massachusetts. >> you may be right but it's speculative. even if you -- even if you are right, doesn't it seem logical as i said in the talking points memo to just give it another year and iron it all out, explain it, i don't see a downside in that. i really don't. i would allow people who want to sign up to continue to sign up, all right? those who do the no give them a year fix what's broken it doesn't make me unhappy unlike other commentators it does not make me happy to see the president of the united states, no heart who he or she might be to be accused of being a liar. a rank liar that doesn't make me happy. i think we should get away from that. give it a year, it's our fault, we screwed it up. we will unscrew it and then we will go next september or whatever. doesn't that make sense to you, doc? >> two responses. one is the reason we can't delay it bill it comes to the most poor par part of the law. discriminate against insurer discriminate by charging sick more than healthy. you can't do that without the man date. you can't have the mandate without making insurance affordable. it all w
committee yesterday about massachusetts' experience. massachusetts is ahead of us in all of this. they have done the same thing with what we like to call romney care. so they said it was the same thing. people usually tend not to sign up until the last minute. and nobody is due until -- nothing is available even until january 1st. there's no penalty until march 1st, which is months away. and if you're a small business coming in, you don't have to come until your existing policy rolls over, which could be a year from now. so i think we have got to be a little patient with the, you know, first two minutes of the game outcomes and predicting what the final score is going to be. >> well, obama care is going to be a big story in 2014. is there any parallel by the way it was handled by terry mcauliffe in virginia and the way the democrats and the mid terms should handle it in 2014? he didn't run away from it and his opponent was saying it was a referendum. the election was a referendum on obama care. how do you break that down, and what do you see for 2014? >> you know, it's hard for me to give a
. massachusetts. there was a proposal for two casinos one failed but the other passed a $1 billion casino and a 78 year-old thoroughbred race track will fail but the other will go forward. that was interesting. now up to maine to legalize marijuana just in the city of portland but it is the largest. so it looks like it will pass. 2.5 ounces 21 and over can carry. we will see what the state has to say about that of course of bricks federal law another marijuana initiative in colorado it passed legalization now it puts a tax on the sale. this overwhelmingly will pass that revenue will be coming into the states on the sale of legal marijuana. also in the state of colorado you cannot call this pass or fail a group of 11 counties that want to secede from united states of america. to be called the 54 states of north colorado. that could pass easily but the legislature and then the u.s. congress have to pass that and it will not have been bent on wrecking a business and corporations genetically modified foods. this is one of the most heavily spent initiative referendums across the country happening in wa
of a harborer of the country than massachusetts where mitt romney was governor. the point is resonant it's not a republican state. he doesn't have to worry about the same type of conservative base issues he'd find in a republican primary. but that's not his pitch. his pitch is do you want to win the white house or not? and the truth of the matter is his argument, i think, is there is an opening in the republican party for that. there are a lot of conservatives who are going to line up and compete for conservative votes. whether it's ted cruz or rand paul. but i do think that there will be a slot for a chris christie type. he did talk about that this -- in our interview today he said i think there are some republicans that are more interested in winning the argument than they are in winning an election, anderson. >> i think one of the things also about chris christie looking ahead to the base is, it wasn't just mitt romney. it was also bob dole at the end of his second term. it was also george w. bush that the tea party said, these guys, we've tried too many times. but in the end it's abo
of enrollment in the first month of massachusetts as well. that is all excuse-making from my point of view because the rollout has been disasterous. jon: the rollout has been disasterous, and, charlie, we're starting to see some of the consequences of implementation of obamacare. people who listened to the president's promise about keeping your health plan if you liked it and now they're finding you can't. >> yeah. you know, listening to some of this hearing people like senator pat roberts from kansas, these are not highly partisan, they're conservatives but these are not highly partisan senators. and they are, they are unleashed on kathleen sebelius and i think it is because the, it has become very, is a very mainstream sort of complaint to want to pull your hair out over this and i think it is quite frankly what we saw in virginia where ken cuccinelli, closed that gap from a solid double-digit, you know, behind, to bring it to within a couple of points? i can't help but think, a lot of that has to do with, just absolute rage among independents and even probably a lot of democrats over wh
states includes new jersey, massachusetts, what voters is a decided today offers an intryinging look at the parts. governor races in new jersey and virginia, and six states have more than 30 battle measures ranging from a hike in the minimum wage, new taxes on the sale of marijuana, and 200 million bond issue to save the houston astro dome, and there are cities electing mayors like atlanta, detroit, houston and new york. let's begin with the governor races, new jersey governor chris christie said he's not concerned about lack of support from the state's tea party republicans, and from the looks of the polls he has no reason to be. christie is expected to win in a landslide over democrat barbara bono. we just heard that the associated press has just called the race for governor chris christie in the state of new jersey. but it's been a different story in virginia why terry mcauliffe faced off against a conservative opponentopponent ken cuccine ll. mmcmcauliffe leads with a very small lead. let's go to new jersey and john terrett is there with the latest news. >> reporter: as you cross
health care plan to romneycare in massachusetts and former senator scott brown is furious about that. he is here live to explain why. >>> then some putting their pooches to shame for bad behavior with photographs like this. could it hurt your dog's dignity? we want to know what you think. weigh in on facebook. does this have long-lasting effect on a dog? >> i don't think so. >> he looks okay. ♪ [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?! [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great? ha ha! whoa! [ monkey squeals ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what
can party. >> we used to celebrate when governors won in places like new york and massachusetts. and what it is is emblematic of the feud between the establishment and grass roots. >> you saw it in alabama. >> that's true. >> thank you so much. great to have you here. >>> coming up next, it's basically a big mac with a slightly different name. i'm talking about the big king, the diet version. all about trying to rattle the golden arches. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. get the best offers of the season now. lease this 2014 srx for around $369 a month with premium care maintenance included. ♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is
nation , a junior senator from massachusetts spoke at a college in baltimore. the young senator, named john kennedy, said -- let us not despair the act. let us not seek the republican answer or the democratic answer, but the right answer. let us not seek to fix the blame for the past, let us accept our own responsibility for the future. ". more than 55 years later, jfk's advice reigns true. it is important to remember now as we implement the affordable care act. five weeks ago the end -- the administration launched www.c- -- launched it was to be the premier website for the affordable care act. needless to say, it has been a rocky rollout. problems have plagued the let me say right off the bat that this is unacceptable. it has been disappointing to your members of the say that they did not see the problems coming. secretary sibelius, last time you came before this committee i used to year -- two words about my worryrds to relate over the law's implementation. make no mistake, i believe in this law. i spent two years of my life working on the affordable care act
in massachusetts we saved people's lives. >> i am talking about the greater good. i understand there is suffering. if there is any way that i can personallial alleviate it i will. i give beaucoup money to organizations to try to help. a law is being mandated imposed on a population clear, number one and functional, number two. and neither of those things are happening, doctor. >> but bill tough remember this law is not affecting the vast majority of the population. that's what's getting lost is the fact that the vast majority of americans who get insurance from their employer or government are not affected by this. >> you don't know that. the law is only 6 weeks old. we don't know that yet. but the suffering being caused by the law is much more intense than the help it is going to give. you and i have a gentlemen's disagreement. that's just what we have. now, 400,000 dollars tax payer money given to you. you earned it. i am sure that you spent a lot of time on this. but now you are being criticized for it. so i was technical consultant to the department of health and human services. basically i h
and eve produced 7 billion people and that's an awful lot of success. larry in massachusetts. >> caller: jim, nice job on the raiders, good luck with the packers and a how about a philly/sox series next year. >> that would be nice. i'm taking it one game at a time. how can i help? >> caller: do you agree the big drop was overdone? >> yes, i thought that was ridiculous. i was going over that with my friend, by the stock in the doghouse. they need to do a shakeup. they need to changenary rental construction business. maybe sell it to uri. taking a stroll in the garden of growth stocks, be prepared for risks. but remember with risks come great rewards. stay with cramer. >>> coming up -- oil patch comeback? rising sale player magnum hunter, can the stock still deliver great returns? he's drilling down with the ceo. >>> and later prince of the perman? pioneer is drawing position in what could be the second largest oil field in the world has helped its profits soar five fold. but will falling oil prices put the pinch on the growth? don't miss kramer's exclusive. >>> plus, under the weather? n
is but it is by no means new york pitch no means, massachusetts. by no means even another state. it is still a relatively conservative state. but it is moving to the center. opinion of the president's health care law. 51%. so a majority of the voters today opposed the president's health care law. if the exit polls hold up, a democrat will win the governor's race even though they say they oppose obama care. let's move it over again. this is not a state clamoring for more government but it is a divide. government should do more. 46% say government should do more but a majority, 51% said the government is doing too much biffle no mean big a liberal state. but here's the lesson. if these polls hold up. if terry mcauliffe wins the race, this will be the conversation. the republican you just mentioned was identified with the tea party. also identified with some very conservative views on social issues. 52% of the voters today in the state of virginia said he was too conservative. the argument will be, did republicans nominate someone too far to the right? and among those who said he was too conservative, look
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patrick, the governor of massachusetts blaming the victims of obama care, blaming people who had insurance who have now lost it, blaming cancer patients because of the failures of their own law. the president needs to quit doubling down on the dishonesty and come forth and tell the american people that he misled them. he intentionally misled the american people and what he told them just wasn't true. >> all right, senator barasso, we're out of time. we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. >> thanks for having me. >> well, all eyes were on the races in new jersey and virginia, but there were many other headlines and quite a few firsts from election night. in boston, the people of bean town elected state representative marty walsh to replace the city's longest serving mayor. voters in detroit elected the city's first white mayor in four decades. mike duggan will be tasked with bringing the motor city back from the financial brink. and new york city will have its first democratic mayor in two decades. earlier today, he met with michael bloomberg, who held
than the small numbers expected, don't matter that much in the long run. in massachusetts, young people were among the last to sign up because the initial wave of people are going to be those who need it most urgently. until those young people start lining up later in the game, we need to not turn them off of the system. all of the pundits who are exploiting this for political gain need to make sure they understand the system will be up and running and you do need to sign up for your sake so we don't have uninsured young people and so we're not shouldering the burden of emergency care for all those people. >> kathleen, what do you make of all this? there are skeptics. there are always going to be skeptics when there are big pieces of legislation. this legislation should not be without its skepticism given how it's been rolled out. >> absolutely. i have a couple things to say in response to your point, the young people signing up. the way to push that is to appeal to parents. parents will ultimately have to foot the bill if their kid gets hurt or has some catastrophic event. >> and paren
aside from california markets, stone harbor new jersey orono, minnesota and weston massachusetts, round out the top ten most expensive housing markets. nationally speaking is u.s. housing affordable? two reports beg to different with each other. the realtors association says yes, housing is affordable nationally. but fitch ratings on the other hand says u.s. home values are overvalued by 17% and some markets are approaching bubble territory. maria? >> all right, diana thanks very much. stay right here. we want to bring in madison hill di brand an agent with caldwell banker who also stars in bravo's million dollar listing. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> madison 5 of the top 25 most expendsive markets are in california with malibu number one where your agency is focused. why is this so hot? >> i think that our california market and specifically speaking los angeles even more specific malibu really did suffer when the global economic crisis occurred. and our prices in some cases depreciated from 30% to 50% so knowing that they
in massachusetts, which is probably the most instructive one, only 0.3% of the people who ultimately enrolled did so in the first month. the vast majority did it right before the deadline and most of the young people did it before the deadline. i just don't want to panic when we're only 30 days, 40 days into enrollment. we've got plenty of time for this thing to work and ultimately given the fact that we know it's an affordable product, especially for young people to have subsidies, they're going to end up signing up. i think a lot of this is just a political cloud created by republicans who never wanted this thing to work in the first place. in the end, we've got a product that sells. we know that in connecticut. >> do you have a sense of when, depending on what the numbers are, you'll either panic or breathe a sigh of relief and say, see, it is working. >> i think we're not there yet. we need to get well into next year as we start to look at the numbers as we come towards march before any of us have a sense of whether the website has had a significant hangover. but the fact is, is that i think
the rest of the story. the rest of the story is that the governor of massachusetts estimated that only 123 consumers signed up in the first month but eventually tens of thousands did and now today the state has nearly universal coverage. they went from one in four ople having insurance to uninsured being one in four to 2340u being one in ten. we know the results so to me it's a reminder of what our goal was which is to address double digit increases in insurance rates were preventing people from getting insurance coverage. so to me the issues of the website and software since it's part of a background i've had before, to me it's about writing code and getting things tested and it's very frustrating for sure. in my mind it nowhere resembles something like the blowout preventers failing and oil gushing into the gulf and us struggling for months and months to get a scientific way to clean up that resource. in this case it's about just getting the code right and making it work and function. in that case, governor romney asked for and got a three-month delay. i know the chairman asked you to co
and myce is limited massachusetts doctors are not on the list. the one closest to me, portsmouth hospital, is not on the list. kathleen says the exchange choice will not allow me to use my primary care doctor affiliated with the portsmouth hospital. all oncology physicians are located in boston, not covered. margaret in stratford wrote me. she currently go straight hospital in rochester which is, again, not part of the exchange and described the impact to me in this way. goould no longer be able to to the hospital which is four miles away. i could no longer see the gynecologist whom i trust. i could no longer use the surgeon who saved my life when emergency surgery was required. visit the sameer in turn asked. if i were to develop our problems -- the same internest. i could no longer go tere. his primary care physician is there and it says he will have to go to another hospital. he does not know the health condition. has gone to the hospital for 40 years. he has had multiple different insurance companies but have always been able to keep the same doctors. now, because of obamacare, it is
you. >> sender yields back to the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i want to thank you and breaking number peterson as well as chairwoman stabenow and ranking or copper and for all your hard work and dedication. i want to thank the staff of the many hours of work they put into this effort. let me set as elegant what else you i very much want a farm bill. i look forward to working with the members of this conference to try to me to achieve ago. being from massachusetts the are many important parts of this farm bill that will impact my state, and new england. the gary conservation and especially crop provisions are especially critical but a part of the country i represent and i strongly support full and robust dairy conservation especially crop provisions in the final conference report. i'm also pleased to see both the house and senate included language to close the animal fighting spectator loophole. both bills would prohibit knowingly attending an animal fight will bring a child to an animal fight and urge my collea
couples to marry. on the east coast that includes new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire, maryland, maine and rhode island. in the midwest, minnesota and iowa. and on the west coast washington and california. >>> a new jersey mall that was the scene of a shooting is open again today. a man fired shots into the ceiling monday night at the westfield garden state plaza. no one was hurt. the gunman later committed suicide. authorities identified him as 20-year-old richard schoop. police say he had a history of drug use. his brother says he doesn't think he intended to harm anyone except himself. >>> a teacher wounded last week during the shootings at the los angeles international airport is speaking out. he was struck in the leg. two others were wounded. he says he was standing between two tsa agents when he was hit. the 29-year-old describes how he dragged himself to safety amid the chaos. >> i thought i was going to get shot again. so i just crawled and tried to crawl away. i tried to stand the on the it at first, and it wouldn't support my weight. t
will take over in massachusetts largest cities and labor activists. in detroit, mike duggan is set to become the city's first white mayer in nearly 40 years. chris? >> all right. let's dig into these results with two very strong political commentators. will cain, a columnist from the blaze and mark lamont hill who's from the huff post live. let's stick with virginia and new jersey, shall we? virginia, race as metaphor. what do you think as the message of why terry mcauliffe won? what happened there? >> i don't know the story, chris, is why terry mcauliffe won but why he won by so little. i told kate yesterday that i think virginia is about virginia. it's about scandal, two conflicted personalities that aren't very popular. here's the story to me. it got so close late last night. what was the final, several thousand votes, 1 percentage point. why did ken cuccinelli get so close? it's obama care. because we saw the polls in virginia switch, what, in the last week, in the last moments. cuccinelli picked up. why did that happen? because he banged on obama care over and over. if i'm a democratic
you about cost portion. in massachusetts the model. health care costs have not come down. they pay the most per person in the country on health care. in the united states we go forward with obamacare. they don't have young people signing up. they are takeing a $95 penalty as opposed to paying higher premiums. that create what is they call a death spiral. older, less healthy folks signing up but not supported by younger, healthy folk paying into the system. potentially it collapses. what do you do? >> you described it perfectly. this is what we talked about when debating the bill. we're seeing it happen now. those who are younger are not just going to pay all these higher costs for no benefit. those who are older are moving into a system that is being undercut by the failure of the economics of the plan and the death spiral is exactly what we are seeing start right now. although the administration points to a lot of individual stories about people who are able to get health care, and there are people who are able to get health care with the exchange subsidies, the fact is that the i
the list of doctors and medical facilities that will take my insurance is limited, and my massachusetts doctors are not on the list. the one closest to me, portsmouth hospital, is not on the list. kathleen in new castle wrote the exchange choice will not allow me to use my docks including -- docs including primary care who is affiliated with portsmouth hospital. all oncology doctors are in boston, not covered. margaret in stafford wrote me she currently goes to frisbee memorial hospital which is not part of the exchange. she described the impact this way. i would no longer be able to go to frisbee memorial hospital which is four miles away. i could no longer see the gynecologist whom i trust. i could no longer use the surgeon who saved my life when emergency sucialg was required. -- surgery was required. i could no longer visit the same internist. if i were to develop heart problems, i could no longer go to portsmouth regional hospital. gregory in rochester said that his primary care physician is at frisbee. he said that means he'll have to go to another hospital. and what he told me, h
enda. according to "the washington post," public support ranges from a high of 81% in massachusetts to a low of 63% in mississippi. so it's clear that this support cuts across party affiliation and gender -- generational gaps. whether you're a democrat, a republican, an independent, whether you're libertarian, whether you are young or old, americans overwhelmingly support this bill. the american people are basically giving us a message. this is a no-brainer. we shouldn't have to fight about it. we should just vote for it. that's why i was just so dismayed to read that house speaker boehner said that he would not support enda, and his reason was it will increase litigation. now, does the speaker really think that lgbt americans who have families to support and bills to pay would rather pursue frivolous lawsuits than earn their pay in a workplace free of harassment and discrimination? and here's what's really, i think, disingenuous about that. republicans do not suggest that all the other groups covered by the civil rights act are filing frivolous lawsuits. in other words, all the res
, not one drop of oil is going offshore. host: donna from massachusetts, democratic caller. caller: i am from first nation people. from the time colonization and the conquering oil the americans globally, this has been the same denial story over and over again. host: we have a few minutes left. what are you referring to? caller: i'm referring to the fact that this is doing no harm to mother earth. no harm to our water. no harm to the people that live upon this earth and animals. this is all about money. this is all about destroying land. this is not about the betterment of the people. this is about the betterment of the people who have so much money they don't know what to do with it. it's disgusting, this country cannot sit and tell the truth from the time of -- people should understand that every agreement that this country has made with the people, regarding land has been broken. host: we'll leave it there. move on to larry in santa barbara, california, independent caller. caller: i got a question for the people to represent the oil industry. given that people of canada have oppos
was here to see them. seshe and the senator from massachusetts and i all were at the hearing this morning where the head of the center for medicaid and medicare services talked about the health care law. i thought the senator from alaska was especially cogent in pointing out the difficulties and the differences between those who live in alaska and their inability to connect to the services in the new health care law. if i remember correctly, she said only three have been able to enroll, and she pointed out the differences in time. i'd like to spend a few minutes reflecting on what happened this morning and what i said to the administration's witness. i began by telling her a story, a story about 16,000 tennesseans who have insurance through something called cover tennessee, a low-cost coverage state program. obamacare is canceling their policies, those 16,000 policies. cover tennessee apparently is an example of what the president has called "bad apples," an insurance plan that washington has decided isn't good enough for you. i recently heard from one of those tennesseans whose policy wi
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